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Our season as I write is now well under way with our 3rd day already gone, the partridges have flown very well, and the pheasants on their first time through despite the lack of wind and warm weather flew well. Looking forward to the cooler proper shooting weather.

. We wish all a fantastic and very enjoyable Shooting Season.


If you are interested in taking part in one of our Kent Pheasant shooting days please contact  Trevor Homewood, for more information:



I’ve just realised with a start that I haven’t dropped you a line to thank you for the day’s shooting you and your team laid on for us on Wednesday – my apologies, I can only blame a combination of too much travel and too many Christmas parties! I thought the team of guns were able to gel together well in a friendly atmosphere, and given your reservations about the weather there were some really good birds for us (not all of us took them, particularly me fast asleep on the first drive). The 3rd drive along the track stood out for me, particularly as I was also able to see the picker’s dogs hard at work in challenging terrain, which I really enjoyed.

Mr R. Horner